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in Anhui Tongling Dongjak Taiwan Kaiyuan hotel at the third MLily dream Lily Cup quarter finals today, Chinese players "two meals a meter" in Fan Yunruo six disc lost to South Korea chess player Pu Yongxun in nine, and the latter nine semi-finals together Tinghuan portsmouth. Korean players from 3 to 15 to 2, 6 to 2 to 2, and gradually reduce the number of Chinese chess players gap, and now become China Korea 2 to 2 against. Fan Yunruo said in early May Weijia League win ov cheap foamposites er Pu Yongxun, the chess fan small victory. Two age difference of 11 years, Pu Yongxun was born in 1985, van Yunruo was born in 1996. Pu Yongxun officer Kung Fu is extremely well known as "the end game of death", but now the 95 are all rounder, middle and end game will not lose in any Pu Yongxun. The six paragraph of fan company, Pu Yongxun White 2 pointed wishful thinking, hope that the two black road blocked, so the white white cheap. But black 3 take off, first squeeze cheap jordans for sale one hand, good chess! 4 long white got about half an hour before hand, pull the Black 5, white 6 is strong rare, hard to eat black. 9 seek to turn black, white 16, black the upper hand in five drawing flowers, white hand over, with black. actual combat map one change chart 1, black 1 squeeze, white 2 such as dozen eat, black 3, black 5, two dozen, black 7 by strict! 8 to 9 white, black broken, white should not. change chart 1 actual combat picture two, black 1 pull is cheap jordans online the regret of the van one hand, and white 2 exchange, when the black 3 long, white 4 directly dig to eat two road black a son, black 5 blunt, white 6 touch good chess, this bureau wins. actual combat map two The change of in Figure 2, Fan Yunruo said, black 1 should direct such long, white 2 Black 3 not sticky, and then pull, so white should not good. change chart 2 actual combat picture three, black 1 broken conveniently! As Pu Yongxun set the trap, the temptation to cheap jordans for sale mens break the black. 2 white pull tough, white 4 points off the black, white and Black 16, left to live, also no longer complete peripheral black, white to. actual combat map three The change of in Figure 2, Fan Yunruo said it should be black wrench! This is the chess game. If you pull it black to win this game of chess is very large. MLily dream Lily Cup semi-finals photo: Li Xuanhao, VS, Pu Yongxun. Xie VS, Pu Tinghuan, semi finals will be held in Guizhou on November 19 Retro jordans for sale th -22 held in Liupanshui in 00, after Xie challenges first go South Korea Pu Tinghuan nine, recently scored in the CCTV TV blitzchampionship, celebrity war Challenger decided to fight Li Xuanhao seven against Pu Yongxun in nine, personally optimistic about Li Xuanhao into the finals. Tweet On March 2nd at 10:00 AM EST, Nike will release the SB Dunk Low Elite "Sean Malto." These stylish new shoes include unique red stitching on the Nike swoosh and a Nike Zoom Air unit in the Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping heel which gives a gentle feeling on landings.? The suede upper completes the look. A pair of these goes for $115. Share this:the United States on April 3rd is the United States occupation Baseball League (MLB) of the opening day, so Jordan Brand to Air Jordan 12 is modeled to create a Air Jordan 12 MLB Opening Day 2017 Collection series shoes, return to meet the occupation league. from the picture you can use a variety of color collocation to see, the material with ordinar Retro jordans for sale y leather, suede and leather to build, bring extraordinary texture and visual effect, as well as a variety of rich details, worth pondering, do not lose the basketball shoes version. 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How dare you buy online?" girls you are not naive to think that only a treasure is fak Cheap air jordans for sale e? look, the store that copycat but a wave of can not only distinguish fake Kung Fu in online shopping don't expect the store to buy was not pit After all copycat goods not long legs, it is run in with March is a woman raging like a storm of course more than year 315 fake this year, mom sent a special attention to network fake day group Guangzhou City genuine fake unannounced copycat nest The first wave of must first come pa pa a copycat shoes gathered in Lo Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ok at those by black Nike, Adidas, new balance! you caught it? fake copycat star out of at the beginning of unannounced visits before Xiao Bian also do homework What is the copycat? on the blackboard! 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