How Does The Investor Program Work?

How It Works

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Step 1: Foundation

Our first step with every new partner is to set up a simple legal foundation that protects you, us, the partnership and the portfolio of web properties we’ll own together. This is done through a simple LLC setup with you owning 50% and Iridium Wealth owning 50% to create equal partners.

This LLC is the legal entity we then use to purchase web properties. This protects you from any potential lawsuits or funny business and allows you to keep it completely separate from all personal assets. It’s also what allows us to invest alongside you as partners and ensure that our success is tied to your success.

Step 2: Locating Your Web Property

Now that you’re protected with an LLC, we begin evaluating available web properties for sale to find the perfect deal with the best ROI potential. Iridium Wealth’s Property Analysts are always evaluating 1000’s of potential web properties to purchase and our analysts use a proprietary 26 point deal qualification checklist to ensure we filter out all but the top 1% of available deals.

Of these top 1% of available deals, Iridium Wealth selects the highest potential web property available and presents it to you in the form of a prospectus with all the details, stats and metrics of the web property.

We then contact the web property seller to discuss favorable purchasing terms and once an agreement is made, the seller shares a Purchase Agreement for us to sign initiating the transfer of assets.

Step 3: Vetting Your Web Property

Here’s where things get exciting! Here’s what will happen:

First: We’ll put the money to buy the deal in an escrow account. You’ll wire 75% of the purchase price to the escrow account and Iridium Wealth will cover 25%. The use of an escrow service protects both us as buyers and the seller to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly.

Second: We start a 14 day due diligence period where the seller gives our team of Property Analysts all the login details and transfers all assets to us. Over the next 14 days our team reviews everything to ensure that all numbers and metrics the seller shared during the buying process are accurate and that the web property is truly worth the agreed purchase price.

If for any reason we feel the property has been misrepresented or we find any red flags, we can call off the purchase and get our money back from the escrow service without a problem.

Third: More excitingly though, if everything checks out then the deal is finalized, funds are released from escrow to the previous owner and we are now the proud new owners of an online business that’s already profitable.

Step 4: Operate & Earn

You now own your first hands-off web property that’s managed 100% by expert partners! So what happens now?  In short, Iridium Wealth’s Property Growth Team takes over the day to day operations of the property and you get to sit back and receive monthly earning payments and performance reports of what’s happening with your property. On the 10th day of each month, you receive 50% of the profit generated by the web property in the previous month, and Iridium Wealth gets 50% of the profit to fund our operations. So this way as the profit grows, so does your income and so does our income. This means we’re ALWAYS on the same team since our income is directly tied to your income.

This is setup to be completely hands-off for you as the partner so there’s absolutely nothing you need to do for your new property to succeed and grow.

So… what does Iridium Wealth do to operate, manage and grow the web property?

We’re glad you asked!

First: The first thing we do after acquiring a new web property is perform a head-to-toe strategic review of the property to lay out the strengths, weaknesses, and major growth opportunities unique to this property. With all this information compiled, our Property Growth Team creates a unique Strategic Growth Plan specifically for this web property. Keep in mind that we only purchase web properties that have significant growth potential so once we’ve laid out a Strategic Growth Plan, we get to work!

Second: We kick off the implementation of the Strategic Growth Plan which often includes several strategies to optimize the property so it makes more money, then grow the traffic so the property really starts to rake it in. These changes don’t happen overnight but usually take effect over the first few months and we both reap the rewards over the entire time we own the web property.

Third: Throughout the entire time the property is owned, our Property Growth Team handles all the operations of the property on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure smooth operations and a hands-off experience for clients.

Step 5: Expand, Sell or Both

As the web property continues to operate and generate profits for us, our Property Growth Team is constantly evaluating the performance of the site for new opportunities for growth and next steps to maximize ROI.

Many partners decide to expand and we start back at Step 2 to find, review and purchase additional web properties. Now we’re building a portfolio of hands-off, profit generating web properties that increases returns for investors and grows their monthly income.

Additionally, our team of Property Analysts are regularly evaluating the web property to determine whether holding or selling the property is the best option for generating maximum ROI. Based on market factors, web property performance and projections, Iridium Wealth will present the option of selling a property to you when it’s financially advantageous to consider a sale. In the event of a sale, Iridium Wealth finds potential buyers, negotiates the sale, handles all closing actions and finalizes the sale for you. When the sale is completed, Iridium Wealth earns 50% of the sale price and the client earns 50% of the sale price.

Once the cash from the sale is in hand, partners often use this cash to roll into their next web property purchase (or purchases) and continue building out their portfolio of high ROI web properties.

Common Questions:

What is a web property?

The term web property is what we use to describe a website based business. These are typically websites that have news, articles, content and other media about a specific topic and can be any size from very small to gigantic. They’re incredibly common and you probably visit many of these sites in a normal day without knowing it.

For example: is a huge, well known web property focused on medical health and illness diagnosis.

How do web properties make money?

Different web properties make money in different ways, however there are two primary methods of making money. Web properties get visitors every day reading articles and viewing the pages of content within their websites.

The first income method is selling ad space within the website. That way when visitors are reading content and they click on an ad, the web property makes money.

Secondly, based on the subject of the web property, there are often links within the content that go to recommended products and services that visitors can purchase. Anytime someone clicks a link within the website to go and buy a product or service, the web property makes money (this is called Affiliate Marketing).

For example: makes money using both of these methods and generated a whopping $705 Million in revenue in 2016. So these web properties can do incredibly well.

How risky is investing in web properties?

Great question. The short answer is that the web properties we choose to purchase are quite safe. 

Here’s the longer answer:

There are a few factors that come into play here. If you were to start a web property from scratch, it’s very similar to starting a business from scratch in that most web properties fail before they ever become profitable.

That’s why we don’t start web properties from scratch. 

We buy websites that have been operating, generating revenue and earning consistent profits for years already. These web properties are ALREADY successful before we purchase them and have a proven track record of profits.  This eliminates most of the risk involved in owning a web property.

The second real risk is the liklihood that the web property will simply stop earning money even though it’s been steadily earning every month prior. 

Most people think that if a site has troubles or starts to struggle that the value of the web property will go to zero. This simply isn’t how it works.

When a web property starts struggling and having issues, usually that means that it’s ability to generate profits declines by 5% – 30% over time so even with a heavy downturn, the web property is still generating 70% of it’s original profit and retains most of it’s resale value. These downturns are very infrequent and can usually be fixed to restore the property to growth within 2-3 months which means overall, there’s actually very little risk that the investment won’t generate healthy returns.

One final note on risk: Keep in mind that we invest our own money in every single web property alongside our investing partners. We wouldn’t dare put our hard earned cash on the line if we thought a web property was risky for any reason. 

How much capital do I need to get started?

We work with partners looking to invest $50,000 up to seven and eight figures. Typically, partners start with one web property and as they earn returns, begin building out a portfolio of larger properties that generate significant monthly cashflows and build true wealth for you and your family.

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